Thursday, 21 March 2013


Now this is the platform where you are able to spread all your options on a drawing board for an in dept evaluations. Now have been in a situation where you have to make tough choices on which direction to follow on you strategy ? Have you evaluated your options properly? What about your positioning? Are you in the right niche market ? Have you identified the right part yet ? Have you asked your self the strategic questions of niche identifications yet ? Have you found out yet who did what ? when and why ?
Niche Strategic Evaluation is the process that allows you to make the right choice among various choices to follow on your new niche market. It is a pro-active process and must be spontaneous because with uncertainties and unforeseen circumstances, enough room for flexibility must also be allowed. The evaluation process allows you to weigh accurately what options to prioritise. The strategic thinking in place is your back bone item on the learning curve as it should  take care of major factors like products or service types, customer service thinking, relationship managements,  competitions, market environments, comparative advantage analysis, opportunities and threats as well as strengths and weaknesses associated. Before i go i will leave you with these point to take home:-
  • Identify your comfortable zone
  • Identify your power house in the comfortable zone
  • Identify your perfect niche on your power house
  • Turn your niche into a product or service
  • Find a need in your identified niche.
  • Turn those need into market opportunity/ies
  • Identify your market for those niche.
  • Segment and target your market.
  • Implement your plans and communicate it across your team.
  • Manage your strategy and change.
  • And you are there.
  • Finally, be persistence with your goals.

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