Saturday, 30 March 2013


As we approach this Easter season yet another celebration of Christanity manifestation and goodness of the creator in His significancy and Holiness, may we remember to extend the same love peace, meekness and kindness to those who are less privileged and wants. May we continue to aspire in our aspirations and may our aspirations continue to fuel or desires and may our positive desires continue to drive our inspirations and may our inspirations continue to precipitate into tangible and fruitful results which rewards us for a great input of our various efforts.
As a sign of great things that usually associated with Easter, i just saw on TV a news about the appearance of the face of JESUS CHRIST on a seat sofa in one family residence in UK.  You can actually google it up its amazing how such things happens at most crucial time in Christianity life which obviously makes one wander how and why !! But the fact is that it still happen. It doesn't matter what you think, how you think or which attribute to allocate the reason or cause behind. Its amazing thing happening in our wonderful world.
On a short final note, i am wishing everyone a wonderful and happy Easter season celebration !!!

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