Saturday, 16 March 2013


Opportunities they say comes but once and one of  the most popular song writer and rapper once said " Loose yourself in music the moment you own and never ever let it go, you have got one chance to blow because opportunity comes once in the life time" (by Eminem).  Very truthful indeed after all you never know when such opportunity will come and pass you by again.

I second the above assertion and I also additionally say that opportunities are locking around us every day, every week, every month and every year round. Most people today go through life with uncertain abbe of what ever will be will be. Most people when hit by misfortune, disappointments and failures easily succumb and give up every spirit of fight in them and throw in the towel. Mostly in the current economic uncertainties when stock prices can rise and fall within a flicker of an ounce decisions or government policies, when fortunes are lost in bad speculations or over confident risk taking and ill calculated risks takings. When there is no one to turn to, and there is noting else left to do other than to throw in the towel and surrender. When all resources has been exhausted and all means explored to full contents. When banks has short their doors on you and lenders are no way near your reach. When family and friends have deserted you or abandoned your plights and no one is interested in your need any more. In fact you have by now reached a rock bottom and you are certain it is the end of the road for you.

  • I say no to surrender.
  • No to given up.
  • In your disappointments there is a blessing.
  • Your rock bottom is actually your bed rock to start again.
  • Turn that misfortune into fortune by creating a need niche for what you went through and how others can benefit from your experience and not fail.
  • Arm yourself with power of positive thinking.
  • Set your self a new goal, believe in it with strong faith that you will turn the table around.
  • Go back to drawing board and ask yourself what you did wrong, how you did wrong, when you did wrong, and start putting new remedies in place.
  • Explore new ways of doing the same thing.
  • Explore change tactics and strategies, ask yourself these questions WHO did WHAT, WHEN AND WHY ?
Among other methods above and as you might want to research further your self, always believe that there is no such thing as something for noting. You have to put in your own effort of faith, believe, work, open mind with positive thinking and you will be surprised by how much you have achieved already.

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