Sunday, 17 March 2013


Are you one of those that are still using your obstacle, problems and failures as an excuse to escape the true reality of what you should be doing or what you are supposed to be doing? Are you still saying oh ! forget it , i should have achieved that if not for my this and that ? Are you still saying i should have ? if not ? if not for this if not for that ? Are you still dwelling in the atmosphere of procrastination which is continuously entangled with excuses of what if ? i should have ? if not ? Believe me there is no bigger excuse there is other than the excuse of being using excuse to deny your self from great opportunities out there. It is a deadly mistake and life regrettable offence that may follow you down town if noting is done now to correct it. Are you still dwelling in the state of no sleep zone ?

Then its time you wake up from the sleeping slumber and face the event of the reality and face your fear right in the face. It is time you start doing and not saying alone. It is time you start taking drastic actions and not procrastinating over past and delaying yourself from taking actions now. It is time you wake up and realise that OBSTACLES themselves are great windows of opportunities waiting to be opened. If i may ask you right now right this moment what is your major obstacle or hindering block from achieving that goals you have been planning over the years or period of time? I am very sure you will say financial problems as the first point before the rest follows of cos. Don't worry you are not alone in the island of not enough cash to do this and do that. Every body can testify to that even those who are stinking rich if you don't mind my language, still want more. Therefore there is no such thing as enough money. It is never enough because there is always need for more.

The big issue behind this article is that many people has been blinded up front per say with the issue of not enough money for this and that and therefore putting financial problem as  number one agenda in the obstacle ladder. This and various other OBSTACLES as it reflects on individuals has become a hindering block from our ability to tap into various opportunities to create an end to it and start a lasting solutions in place. Take for example; if you are so fixated by a particular object or lets say situation that require urgent attention, you will not be thinking of any other thing else other than that particular issue. The same ideology is applicable here. If we continue to fixate our attention to only financial problems alone we will be denying ourselves from the chance of exploring various opportunities out there that will actually help us put an end if not a lasting solution the obstacle. Consider these points make it your agenda:-
  • Stop saying alone start doing
  • Fire the manager in charge of procrastination, and employ a proactive thinker in your mind
  • Don't look at the obstacle in the face alone, look beyond it and find other ways out.
  • See your obstacle as your challenge.
  • Turn that challenge into an opportunity/opportunities.
  • Tap into your inner subconscious mind and explore the master mind of those whom you have known that has been in the same situation and succeeded.
  • Block out all inevitable negative influences.
  • Embrace yourself with power of positive thinking.
  • Employ faith, hope, believe, hard work, love, commitment and progressive thinking in your subconscious mind and make them your permanent staffs.

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