Thursday, 14 March 2013


Every day people all over the world deal with circumstances of life which left one with the choice of to choose to do or not to do. We are all relieved with the idea of safety. Being on the safe spot. Not taking a risk not venturing or even taking a giant leap forward.
In business we are worried of loosing out or not be able to break even just by taking that next step. In life we are afraid of the big unknown, uncertainty. In our professions we are afraid of the task ahead or most likely. The pressure, the failure or not succeeding associated with new professions. Instead we are most comfortable in the safe zone, the comfortable zone, the now present zone where at least we can control our immediate variables.
But have you tried to change that? Have you asked yourself why haven't i tried the other way yet? Oh ! well i can hear you saying i have tried this and i have tried that. Of cos that is the most safest zone. I have tried. We did tried, etc. But in doing so you have mostly forgotten that been able to try is in itself the most giant step you have ever taken. To try is to venture, to venture is to find, to find is to effect and effect is the change whether it is the desirable or the undesirable.
But you have taken to leap forward to try.  You see! one great thing about trying is that if you don't try at all you will never know what lies behind the other side of the fence. You will never have enjoyed the fortune of knowing what are your options out their. Another great thing about trying is that the law of nature will throw in some great opportunities to make good choices in your direction. Then you can be able to say well i have tried or you can take the leap forward, or sit back or even better venture forward into the new horizon and make new choices.

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The moral note here is to always try. Never use your inability to try as an excuse. always give it go. Try that new style, new venture, new step, new change, or even better new strategy, new sales methods, new cost cutting methods, new presentation tactics, give it a go. And you will never know if you did not try.


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