Saturday, 9 March 2013


Everyday we are challenged by obstacles, tasks, goals , achievements, self actualisation, dreams, huddles of life and limitations. Same is witnessed in businesses and none profit organisations as well as social phenomenons. The ability of one to integrate his or her activities properly and still still strive on to possible possibility sets one apart from those who see this limitations as an excuse to succeed. Therefore the only limitation we have against our goals and achievements are those limitation we set for ourselves. Meaning you are the limit to you limitations. If only you can see these limitation as an opportunity to forge ahead, grow and move on or even make a different which is change, then we can be immune to these self limitations. The driving force behind these self limitation is fear. Fear of unknown. Fear of doing something different. Fear of failing its self. Fear of not knowing what next. Fear of disappointment to friends and families. Fear of disgrace or degradation. Fear itself is a powerful tool. The ability one to transform fear in to force of faith is the ultimate power of positive thinking. Fear sets in motion the limitation of not knowing, not failing not wanting to be disappointed, which therefore sets in motion self average. But force of faith can transform fear into courage which brings us to a fear that has said its prayers. On that note today i will say:

  • Go out there, do something different
  • Take that leap of faith , set in motion the triggers of faith and courage and your fears will be faith.
  • let not your limitations to limit you from achieving that goal this year.
  • Improve that  business by taking more care of your clients and valuable customers.
  • Increase sales and revenue and contain overhead cost.
  • Go for those trainings and improve yourself on what you do.
  • Believe in your ability to do not your ability to try.
  • And of cos stay positive.


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