Monday, 11 March 2013


The market place can be seen as a sea of competitive battlefield. The aim is to service and to survive means staying afloat the sea of professional warriors. Therefore defining a niche can only be tricky but also inevitably difficult to achieve. It is the survival of  the fittest. Only the strong survives and to be strong you have to be persistence. You have to be able to accept and deal with countless failures before excelling. To some people, countless failures are not always the case but inevitably no one is immune to obstacle which drives ability to succeed or fail. Finding a niche require, solid planning, persistence, agility, ability to manage change, competency and core business identification. You need these tools to create a niche.

A niche can be found in form various business element and when i mean elements i do sincerely mean core business comparative advantages. You ability to identify these element in the competitive market place, turn these elements into opportunity, refine that same opportunity into objectives and goal, set those goals into products and services is the key to succeeding.

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