Tuesday, 26 March 2013


The issue with internal marketing is that it is most often neglected and never taken very seriously by many organisations and hence why many firms do fail and fold up. Internal marketing some times  can be taken so vain that by the mentioned of it, some people will ask, what is internal marketing really means actually? how will it help me grow as business or improve my sales and revenue or even better attract new clients? In fact yes lets say it out and face the fact, WHAT IS REALLY  INTERNAL MARKETING !!!?

Many organisations been small/medium or large business are so concerned about future forecasts, budgeting, sales and revenue projections etc that they have neglected the most important vitality of internal marketing in the process of growth. You see !, business is a process of delivering goods or service with added value for a fair price with general orientation of making profit for the sake of continuity. Well i am sure you have your own version of definition, so do all of us but this is one of mine. If business is so for the said purpose then it must have a process of doing things. Of cos you can call it operational level. or better still tactical level. The process has to be controlled, managed, and communicated across the man power effectively for the operational team efficiency. 

Imagine a sales man who does not know the true value of what he/she is supposed to be selling? Imagine an operational manager who does not understand properly the aims and objectives of the task/s, Imagine a sales representative who does not truly believe in the products or services he /she was supposed to be actually selling. In fact imagine a big firm whose nationwide branches does not understand accurately the overall the business brand and hence do things ordinarily and differently or even sometimes totally deviating from the corporate over all goals?
Before you go finding answers to these questions above i will like you to keep this key point close if you really want to leverage the full potentials of internal marketing advantages in your business/es:-
  • Identify your niche market and develop your brand strategy.
  • Cultivate a strong brand
  • Set up your brand strategy and implement across management team.
  •  Implement strong firm but flexible aculturization scheme.
  • Identify change.
  • Implement a solid but flexible STRATEGIC CHANGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
  • Last but not the least: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

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