Tuesday, 19 March 2013


To budget is to plan. To plan is to implement. Implementation need strict accuracy and accuracy results to goal achievement. Well of cos no one is perfect and above mistake hence most viable organisation has what is called budget control in their planning process. Hence the topic here today is; are you closing the gap between your goals and your actual results or targets as most people/organisations may say ? Are you really? Or you just dancing to the whims and thrills of what ever uncertainty may throws at you? All your actual variables differs or falls short of your budgeted goals? By the way the term variable here is used to mean those different between your goals and the actual result that you need to bridge before you actually meet your budgeted goals.  The variance are the most vital part of planing. The variable tells us what our positioning is at any time. What direction is the planning process going towards to? This can be deduced from the current variables. The variable allows you to properly effect the changes needed in other to reach your goals or budgeted plan. Therefor the question again are you really closing those gaps?
To properly control your actual variables you will need a proper brain storming in CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Simply put; your ability to steer your ship to any direction to which the strong sea waves throws at your ship and you still be able to keep afloat, and sail to your desired port of harbour is simply act of change management. Meaning you have studied the wind direction, control your bearing on your compass and be able to forge ahead despite all odds. Therefore your ability to stay flexibly focused in a very dynamic and cybernetic business environment, personal uncertainties, market environments, micro and macro economic uncertainties is Change Management. WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW AND SEE HOW THIS SMART CAT WAS ABLE TO STAY FOCUSED DESPITE THE CHANGES !!! 

Monday, 18 March 2013


Niche core competence key factor persistence is an all time winner if you know how to identify it. Are you still wondering why things are not going the way you planned? Are you still moaning? Are you still complaining? Are you still doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results? Well watch this video and equip yourself with knowledge.


Sunday, 17 March 2013


Are you one of those that are still using your obstacle, problems and failures as an excuse to escape the true reality of what you should be doing or what you are supposed to be doing? Are you still saying oh ! forget it , i should have achieved that if not for my this and that ? Are you still saying i should have ? if not ? if not for this if not for that ? Are you still dwelling in the atmosphere of procrastination which is continuously entangled with excuses of what if ? i should have ? if not ? Believe me there is no bigger excuse there is other than the excuse of being using excuse to deny your self from great opportunities out there. It is a deadly mistake and life regrettable offence that may follow you down town if noting is done now to correct it. Are you still dwelling in the state of no sleep zone ?

Then its time you wake up from the sleeping slumber and face the event of the reality and face your fear right in the face. It is time you start doing and not saying alone. It is time you start taking drastic actions and not procrastinating over past and delaying yourself from taking actions now. It is time you wake up and realise that OBSTACLES themselves are great windows of opportunities waiting to be opened. If i may ask you right now right this moment what is your major obstacle or hindering block from achieving that goals you have been planning over the years or period of time? I am very sure you will say financial problems as the first point before the rest follows of cos. Don't worry you are not alone in the island of not enough cash to do this and do that. Every body can testify to that even those who are stinking rich if you don't mind my language, still want more. Therefore there is no such thing as enough money. It is never enough because there is always need for more.

The big issue behind this article is that many people has been blinded up front per say with the issue of not enough money for this and that and therefore putting financial problem as  number one agenda in the obstacle ladder. This and various other OBSTACLES as it reflects on individuals has become a hindering block from our ability to tap into various opportunities to create an end to it and start a lasting solutions in place. Take for example; if you are so fixated by a particular object or lets say situation that require urgent attention, you will not be thinking of any other thing else other than that particular issue. The same ideology is applicable here. If we continue to fixate our attention to only financial problems alone we will be denying ourselves from the chance of exploring various opportunities out there that will actually help us put an end if not a lasting solution the obstacle. Consider these points make it your agenda:-
  • Stop saying alone start doing
  • Fire the manager in charge of procrastination, and employ a proactive thinker in your mind
  • Don't look at the obstacle in the face alone, look beyond it and find other ways out.
  • See your obstacle as your challenge.
  • Turn that challenge into an opportunity/opportunities.
  • Tap into your inner subconscious mind and explore the master mind of those whom you have known that has been in the same situation and succeeded.
  • Block out all inevitable negative influences.
  • Embrace yourself with power of positive thinking.
  • Employ faith, hope, believe, hard work, love, commitment and progressive thinking in your subconscious mind and make them your permanent staffs.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Opportunities they say comes but once and one of  the most popular song writer and rapper once said " Loose yourself in music the moment you own and never ever let it go, you have got one chance to blow because opportunity comes once in the life time" (by Eminem).  Very truthful indeed after all you never know when such opportunity will come and pass you by again.

I second the above assertion and I also additionally say that opportunities are locking around us every day, every week, every month and every year round. Most people today go through life with uncertain abbe of what ever will be will be. Most people when hit by misfortune, disappointments and failures easily succumb and give up every spirit of fight in them and throw in the towel. Mostly in the current economic uncertainties when stock prices can rise and fall within a flicker of an ounce decisions or government policies, when fortunes are lost in bad speculations or over confident risk taking and ill calculated risks takings. When there is no one to turn to, and there is noting else left to do other than to throw in the towel and surrender. When all resources has been exhausted and all means explored to full contents. When banks has short their doors on you and lenders are no way near your reach. When family and friends have deserted you or abandoned your plights and no one is interested in your need any more. In fact you have by now reached a rock bottom and you are certain it is the end of the road for you.

  • I say no to surrender.
  • No to given up.
  • In your disappointments there is a blessing.
  • Your rock bottom is actually your bed rock to start again.
  • Turn that misfortune into fortune by creating a need niche for what you went through and how others can benefit from your experience and not fail.
  • Arm yourself with power of positive thinking.
  • Set your self a new goal, believe in it with strong faith that you will turn the table around.
  • Go back to drawing board and ask yourself what you did wrong, how you did wrong, when you did wrong, and start putting new remedies in place.
  • Explore new ways of doing the same thing.
  • Explore change tactics and strategies, ask yourself these questions WHO did WHAT, WHEN AND WHY ?
Among other methods above and as you might want to research further your self, always believe that there is no such thing as something for noting. You have to put in your own effort of faith, believe, work, open mind with positive thinking and you will be surprised by how much you have achieved already.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Every day people all over the world deal with circumstances of life which left one with the choice of to choose to do or not to do. We are all relieved with the idea of safety. Being on the safe spot. Not taking a risk not venturing or even taking a giant leap forward.
In business we are worried of loosing out or not be able to break even just by taking that next step. In life we are afraid of the big unknown, uncertainty. In our professions we are afraid of the task ahead or most likely. The pressure, the failure or not succeeding associated with new professions. Instead we are most comfortable in the safe zone, the comfortable zone, the now present zone where at least we can control our immediate variables.
But have you tried to change that? Have you asked yourself why haven't i tried the other way yet? Oh ! well i can hear you saying i have tried this and i have tried that. Of cos that is the most safest zone. I have tried. We did tried, etc. But in doing so you have mostly forgotten that been able to try is in itself the most giant step you have ever taken. To try is to venture, to venture is to find, to find is to effect and effect is the change whether it is the desirable or the undesirable.
But you have taken to leap forward to try.  You see! one great thing about trying is that if you don't try at all you will never know what lies behind the other side of the fence. You will never have enjoyed the fortune of knowing what are your options out their. Another great thing about trying is that the law of nature will throw in some great opportunities to make good choices in your direction. Then you can be able to say well i have tried or you can take the leap forward, or sit back or even better venture forward into the new horizon and make new choices.

Are you afriad? Do you have fears? Do you need to deal with your fears and face it right in the face? Then WATCH THIS VIDEO !!
The moral note here is to always try. Never use your inability to try as an excuse. always give it go. Try that new style, new venture, new step, new change, or even better new strategy, new sales methods, new cost cutting methods, new presentation tactics, give it a go. And you will never know if you did not try.


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Niche master minding is the ability to tap into your subconscious mind and explore the vasts data  base memories of the historical evidence of those you knew who have been very successful in their time and find yourself in their position to be able to emulate or do what they have done, think as they would think or thought, act as they would act and be able to come up with an idea on how to match up your niche to perfect your goals and objectives.
It doesn't take much stressing up of much energy on your part. Any body can do it. Everyone of us believe it or not has the power to effect positive change in their life. No matter your profession. You can always tap into the master mind of the best achievers in your field of work, life and profession and come up with a theoretical and practical solution to any situation you may have or found yourself into.

To apply this master mind technique in your business, life and any profession, you must have  the ultimate key to powerful solution house you can ever think of. It is like having ambition and it is priceless. If you have what it takes, if you have the mind set of achiever, you have the ambition, and if you have surrounded your self daily activities with the power of positive thinking, then you can do it.
So the question is do you have what it takes? Have you got the niche master mind in you? Can you adapt dynamically in cybernetic business environment of today? I am sure you can find the various answers as it will suit you today. Then you are on the right track and doing good already.                            

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


To very well understand your niche you must first of all identify your niche area. Finding your niche is equally as to finding your competitive edge in the environment. As a personal development your goals , your capabilities, your strength and weakness, your drive, your motivations and your objectives all these be combined together can be moulded into a perfect niche.
Then understanding your variable as mentioned above can help you narrow down your capabilities into on stream line paradigm which can be easy shifted to identifying your speciality niche. Your ability to turn that speciality into goal oriented goods and services will be your strong niche. Then your ability to think outside the box, with continuous proactive efforts via competitiveness through innovation in your given environment or sample place will give you an absolute edge over your competitors.
Therefore the understanding of your niche is the beginning of your lasting success in your field of endeavours.

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