Saturday, 30 March 2013


As we approach this Easter season yet another celebration of Christanity manifestation and goodness of the creator in His significancy and Holiness, may we remember to extend the same love peace, meekness and kindness to those who are less privileged and wants. May we continue to aspire in our aspirations and may our aspirations continue to fuel or desires and may our positive desires continue to drive our inspirations and may our inspirations continue to precipitate into tangible and fruitful results which rewards us for a great input of our various efforts.
As a sign of great things that usually associated with Easter, i just saw on TV a news about the appearance of the face of JESUS CHRIST on a seat sofa in one family residence in UK.  You can actually google it up its amazing how such things happens at most crucial time in Christianity life which obviously makes one wander how and why !! But the fact is that it still happen. It doesn't matter what you think, how you think or which attribute to allocate the reason or cause behind. Its amazing thing happening in our wonderful world.
On a short final note, i am wishing everyone a wonderful and happy Easter season celebration !!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Are you still wandering what direction to steer your life purpose yet? Are you yet to find your path? Have you found your right path yet ? Are you still lost in the state of ;- i dont know may be i am not sure yet what direction to follow? Are you still in the state of sleeping slumber, still wandering in the atmosphere of unsolicited temerity, waiting for the right time or the right moment ? Are you in the right job yet ? Are you exactly where you needed to be in life ? Have you found that one good things that gives you absolute happiness yet ? Are you making the full good use of your daring God given potentials yet ? Do you have some thing in you, which you felt that has been subdued by may be one job, or situation or the other, but you always felt like  you really need to let it out because you solemnly believed that it will help someone out there or even change their lives ? Are you experiencing constant dilemma when it comes to making very vital decisions that really matter in your life or life of other loved ones around ?
In fact i can go on and on all day, all night on this same and various other collected questions and yet we will still be asking the same questions day in day out. Do you have one perfect answer/s to any of these questions above ? Of cos you do i am sure. The fact is that answer/s to these and numerous other questions like these above are that there are no one perfect answers found to match them. The questions are our various perspectives and that still remain our limitations in life pursuit of happiness. The answers to them are individually segmented among us which is particularly patterning to our individual need and life purpose. Therefore one man's questions could be an answer to the man next door hence our limitations.
Know this today among all other things you have learnt; that every one of us on earth has a unique ability to tap into our individual God given potential, talent, speciality , etc which guides us to the direction of our ultimate goal/s. There is no such thing as absolute achievement of ones life happiness because there is always need for more. The need for achievement is driven by want and want is the essence of need hence our constant pursuit of self actualisation according to one of the world's greatest thinker Maslow in his "Hierarchy of need".
In its total ramifications, but not the least, we all have the full potentials to steer our life purpose to the directions we want to. Our actions today always results to equal and opposite reaction tomorrow or next. The questions is which direction do you want your actions to take today and what direction do you expect your reaction to surface tomorrow ? Our mind is a great power house which needs constant good use to produce great results. Napoleon Hill  also asserted that " what ever a mind of man can think, believe and conceive, that it can achieve with power of positive thinking." Therefore you have the key to the change your need. You have the full potential to effect your heart desired life purpose. You have the power to steer above your limitations because to tell you the truth, there are no limitations to what you and i can do or achieve in this life. The limitations you have are those limitations you set for yourself hence therefore you are the limitation to your success or goals and achievement. If you can harness the full potential of love, hope, faith, work, persistence, ability, believe, principles, relationship, positive thinking and of cos with God then there will be no obstacle that you cannot overcome. There is no such thing as impossible if you believe !!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


The issue with internal marketing is that it is most often neglected and never taken very seriously by many organisations and hence why many firms do fail and fold up. Internal marketing some times  can be taken so vain that by the mentioned of it, some people will ask, what is internal marketing really means actually? how will it help me grow as business or improve my sales and revenue or even better attract new clients? In fact yes lets say it out and face the fact, WHAT IS REALLY  INTERNAL MARKETING !!!?

Many organisations been small/medium or large business are so concerned about future forecasts, budgeting, sales and revenue projections etc that they have neglected the most important vitality of internal marketing in the process of growth. You see !, business is a process of delivering goods or service with added value for a fair price with general orientation of making profit for the sake of continuity. Well i am sure you have your own version of definition, so do all of us but this is one of mine. If business is so for the said purpose then it must have a process of doing things. Of cos you can call it operational level. or better still tactical level. The process has to be controlled, managed, and communicated across the man power effectively for the operational team efficiency. 

Imagine a sales man who does not know the true value of what he/she is supposed to be selling? Imagine an operational manager who does not understand properly the aims and objectives of the task/s, Imagine a sales representative who does not truly believe in the products or services he /she was supposed to be actually selling. In fact imagine a big firm whose nationwide branches does not understand accurately the overall the business brand and hence do things ordinarily and differently or even sometimes totally deviating from the corporate over all goals?
Before you go finding answers to these questions above i will like you to keep this key point close if you really want to leverage the full potentials of internal marketing advantages in your business/es:-
  • Identify your niche market and develop your brand strategy.
  • Cultivate a strong brand
  • Set up your brand strategy and implement across management team.
  •  Implement strong firm but flexible aculturization scheme.
  • Identify change.
  • Implement a solid but flexible STRATEGIC CHANGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
  • Last but not the least: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Now this is the platform where you are able to spread all your options on a drawing board for an in dept evaluations. Now have been in a situation where you have to make tough choices on which direction to follow on you strategy ? Have you evaluated your options properly? What about your positioning? Are you in the right niche market ? Have you identified the right part yet ? Have you asked your self the strategic questions of niche identifications yet ? Have you found out yet who did what ? when and why ?
Niche Strategic Evaluation is the process that allows you to make the right choice among various choices to follow on your new niche market. It is a pro-active process and must be spontaneous because with uncertainties and unforeseen circumstances, enough room for flexibility must also be allowed. The evaluation process allows you to weigh accurately what options to prioritise. The strategic thinking in place is your back bone item on the learning curve as it should  take care of major factors like products or service types, customer service thinking, relationship managements,  competitions, market environments, comparative advantage analysis, opportunities and threats as well as strengths and weaknesses associated. Before i go i will leave you with these point to take home:-
  • Identify your comfortable zone
  • Identify your power house in the comfortable zone
  • Identify your perfect niche on your power house
  • Turn your niche into a product or service
  • Find a need in your identified niche.
  • Turn those need into market opportunity/ies
  • Identify your market for those niche.
  • Segment and target your market.
  • Implement your plans and communicate it across your team.
  • Manage your strategy and change.
  • And you are there.
  • Finally, be persistence with your goals.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


If you are small or medium business owner in UK and you woke up this morning i am very sure the first thing on your mind will be the ardently awaited announcement by the finance minister George Osborne on the UK 2013 BUDGET this morning. If you remember my earlier post about small and medium business and effects of government policies on growth and performances. This is a pure good and live example.
The economic implications of today's budget will mean that the people expect a policy that will reflect in their current standard of living. A cross reference sample interviews among the small business owners seen on the TV this morning suggest that many small and medium business owners expect the Chancellor to reduce the VAT for the general public, some pressuring for the raise in income tax and the scrapping of the fuel duty increase.  On his twitter this money he promise that his budget speech will aim at helping those who works hard in the betterment of overall economy.
So many factors are on inter play here but as the budget speech approaches, one can only guess what direction the finance minister's speech will go.
The general diagnosis is that the government priority in reducing the debt deficit will be the major bench mark of the numbers crunching that will be expected this morning on his speech. The reduction of the VAT as been agitated by majority small business owners so that customers will be motivated to come out and spend more as they have felt to be squeezed. Well, i am not sure it is completely feasible as the Chancellor can not seem to afford that in the current race to reduce the current debt. The £pounds is down 6% already this morning and of cos in the anticipation of  what the budget direction will be and the speculations by banks in the  financial market on how things will be at the end of business day today, i think the banks will be looking at growth rate numbers and in what year the economy will be expected to turn around and bounce back with full recovery from any minor economic down turn.  So far so good the only witness is the present !
Well what can i say? The day is still young and in few hours the budget will be live. So grab your Tablets, iPads, iPhones, Laptops, PCs and TV, etc and watch out for the speech as it goes live. And the you can have your say.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


To budget is to plan. To plan is to implement. Implementation need strict accuracy and accuracy results to goal achievement. Well of cos no one is perfect and above mistake hence most viable organisation has what is called budget control in their planning process. Hence the topic here today is; are you closing the gap between your goals and your actual results or targets as most people/organisations may say ? Are you really? Or you just dancing to the whims and thrills of what ever uncertainty may throws at you? All your actual variables differs or falls short of your budgeted goals? By the way the term variable here is used to mean those different between your goals and the actual result that you need to bridge before you actually meet your budgeted goals.  The variance are the most vital part of planing. The variable tells us what our positioning is at any time. What direction is the planning process going towards to? This can be deduced from the current variables. The variable allows you to properly effect the changes needed in other to reach your goals or budgeted plan. Therefor the question again are you really closing those gaps?
To properly control your actual variables you will need a proper brain storming in CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Simply put; your ability to steer your ship to any direction to which the strong sea waves throws at your ship and you still be able to keep afloat, and sail to your desired port of harbour is simply act of change management. Meaning you have studied the wind direction, control your bearing on your compass and be able to forge ahead despite all odds. Therefore your ability to stay flexibly focused in a very dynamic and cybernetic business environment, personal uncertainties, market environments, micro and macro economic uncertainties is Change Management. WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW AND SEE HOW THIS SMART CAT WAS ABLE TO STAY FOCUSED DESPITE THE CHANGES !!! 

Monday, 18 March 2013


Niche core competence key factor persistence is an all time winner if you know how to identify it. Are you still wondering why things are not going the way you planned? Are you still moaning? Are you still complaining? Are you still doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results? Well watch this video and equip yourself with knowledge.